We are Newtown.  We are all Parkland.
We are all one and we will be 
marching for our lives and our loved ones – will you?

The Newtown film team stands in solidarity and action with the #NeverAgain movement, working with students and community members on the ground to create a documentary that will help spread their voices. We need your help!

On March 24th, teenagers and families will take to the streets of Washington DC and communities around the country to demand that gun safety become a priority. Do you know of a student planning to attend a March for Our Lives rally?  We would love some footage to feature in the film.  Simply read below for more information on what is needed and the form to send clips.


  1.  GRAB YOUR CELL PHONE OR GOPRO and make sure the video is recording in top quality mode.
  2. START TO RECORD some footage and here are some ideas of what we are looking for…
    1. SELFIE STATEMENT – turn your phone on selfie mode (but make sure that your camera is positioned horizontally and not vertically) and record yourself introducing the impact of the rally.  For example, “Hi, I’m Adam Smith in Pheonix, Arizona.  I’m here with thousands of other youth as we march to make a change…”
    2. BIG PICTURE OF THE RALLY – stand on a planter, ramp or park bench (please be careful) and get some footage panning the full crowd at the rally.
    3. SIGNAGE – are there groups of people with signs?  Are there groups chanting statements?  Start recording at get some fun action shots!
  3. SEND US YOUR UNEDITED FOOTAGE via the form below! Best to keep things under a few minutes, with short clips in mind.