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Newtown documentary wins Peabody Award
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  • There were these kids on my lawn. They just kept exclaiming, “We can't go back. We can't go back to that school, because we don't have a teacher.”
    School neighbor
  • He wakes up shouting and crying, the whole night not sleeping.
    For 7 to 8 months, he was mentally sick.
    Mother of surviving 1st grader
  • I could see him through the crack of my desk. I could see him from the knees down. Then we went into my supply closet for about 3 and a half hours. We were so afraid to come out.
    School nurse
  • I don't think that any of us that were in there, feel that anybody needs to know graphically what occured in there. Emotionally, I think the world needs to know to understand it.
    First responder on scene
  • He doesn't know what to make of it all. I think he just knew that he lost his best friend, and in some way he didn't belong anymore.
    Mother of surviving 1st grader
  • God forbid it happens to anyone in your family. Because you’ll become the member of a club that no one wants to join; and until you’re in that club, you have no idea how long and bumpy the road is.
    Husband of slain teacher
  • It's hard to believe you can go from being somebody’s baby, to being that, and how that journey can happen without anyone recognizing it.
    Library clerk
  • You can't move past it. You can't sweep it under the rug. We have to honor the horror by paying a tribute to what happened, what people went through and what it was like for everyone.
    Surviving teacher
  • I knew that in honor of all the teachers that died, I needed to do something. That was the first time that I realized this was bigger than my family, bigger than my town, bigger than my former elementary school. This was massive.
    Daughter of surviving teacher
  • The fact that I kept her on the phone and kept her from going out the door...I don’t even want to think what would have happened if she walked out that door.
    911 operator
  • I had my pistol permit in Massachusetts. But, my God, does anyone know what it looks like to see a child filled with bullets.
    EMT worker on the scene
  • The teachers, the staff, they put their trauma second and put the kids first. To me that is heroism.
    School custodian
  • And I said to myself that day, “I am not taking this one lying down.”
    ER doctor


Filmed over the course of nearly three years, the filmmakers use unique access and never before heard testimonies to tell a story of the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting of schoolchildren in American history on December 14, 2012. Newtown documents a traumatized community fractured by grief and driven toward a sense of purpose. Joining the ranks of a growing club to which no one wants to belong, a cast of characters interconnect to weave an intimate story of community resilience.

“Its sentiments are clear, underscored with heartache eloquently expressed.”


Newtown refutes hopelessness, making its case less with words than with faces it’s impossible to forget.”


“You won’t truly understand gun violence until you see the Newtown documentary.”



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“You can only imagine how difficult that is to try to interpret
what your 7-year-old experienced
as he was being murdered by a gunman in his first grade classroom.”

– Mark Barden, father of Daniel Barden



We have a choice about the kind of America we want – dangerously divided or united.
For the safety, sanity and spirit of our country, it is critical we create change – now.

“While I fear the empty space in my heart may never be filled,
I take comfort in the knowledge that his death will have meaning.
There will be a positive change from this and we will be part of it.
Newtown, will be part of it.”

– Nicole Hockley, mother of Dylan Hockley


Newtown is an act of
memorialization, a demand that
this most distractible of countries
look close and continue to care.”


“Through Snyder’s lens, you see a town realizing it has a chance to be the one that finally says “enough is enough.”


“Elegantly and devastatingly captures the tenor of a town that will carry these scars for a generation. Snyder’s film deserves to be seen.”


Newtown emerges as a blistering,
if tacit, indictment of the
nation’s broken promise
to never forget.”


“Snyder uses her camera as a friendly ear and as an eye to bear witness. It’s a shocking and compelling piece of work.”


“It is a visceral, powerful experience. You will cry. It is worth it.”


“Powerful and illuminating.”


“Aims to “tell a story of collective grief” and how communities piece themselves back together after.”


“Legislative questions are not addressed, and even the killer’s name is not mentioned. Instead, viewers are given wrenching access to a place that more than three years later continues to grapple with an attack that claimed the lives of 26 victims, many of them small children.”



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