Lend your voice on how Newtown impacted your life.


We are all Newtown.
We are are all affected by gun violence.
We all go to movies, to school, we walk in our towns and cities,
we go to libraries and workplaces and go to religious spaces.
We expect them to be safe.

Share your thoughts on how the film impacted you by way of text or image.

Irene McHone

We are all Newtown…I was just babysitting 3 kids today that were talking about the latest school shooting in Santa Fe Tx. and the 10 year old said that she is scared to go to high school because it seems that high school is where gun violence usually happens and I did not mention Newtown […]

Peter Hicks

I teach in a Primary School in the UK.  Seeing the events in Newtown brought memories of a massacre in Dunblane flooding back.  The film captures some of the heartache and ongoing turmoil felt by the families of both victims and of those children who survived.  It did seem that the community has come together to support […]


We are all Newtown…we must continue to fight against gun violence and protect our children and families. Never give up!


We are all Newtown…  I remember when this horrific event happened & wondering at that time, that maybe now, because of the fact that so many innocent children were killed, that maybe, now , something would be done about gun violence in our country.   I remember watching on TV, Newtown parents holding pictures of […]

Beverly Goodfellow

We are all Newtown…I was so sad starting to watch Newtown but by the end I was so angry about the lack of support from “our” politicians that now I have very little respect for them. What struck me most was after Ben’s Dad spoke to congress and congress DID NOTHING!  I have come to […]


We are all Newtown…  I don’t think I fully let myself feel the depth of sadness, shock, outrage, and sadness of these events until I watched Newtown. My heart hurts deeply for these families.  Newtown gave me a renewed sense of purpose to continue the fight for change in this country.   We must do […]

Beth Bright

We are all Newtown…my heart just breaks watching this movie. I’m behind you whatever you need!!


We are all Newtown because from what I saw of the film on PBS, I was deeply saddened by the stories of the families who lost children and their struggles with grief.  I also was taken aback by how much the town has not changed since I lived there as a child from 1979 to 1988.  […]

Katy Baker

I hate that this documentary had to be made, but it was so stunning, poignant, beautiful, and informative. Thank you to the team who put together this film and to all who told their stories. I feel blessed to have been able to see this film. Thank you. We ARE all Newtown.

Joy Jones

We are all Newtown…  I am a mother to first and second grade daughters.  I want to help bear the burden felt by the families who lost loved ones on 12/14.  Thank you to the families and film makers who are working to create awareness and change.

Carolina D.

We are all Newtown… because ending gun violence is a priority and no one else deserves to die at the hand of gun abuse

Elena Schlossberg

We are all Newtown…thank you. Thank you for being brave enough to share your love and pain.  I will kiss my children in the morning and tell them how much I love them.   I refuse to give up on stopping the violence.

Lorie Gibbons

We are all Newtown…I remember as if it were yesterday… The phone rang and I couldn’t answer because I was on a work call. The sound of helicopters… My husband frantically calling from his job in NY. Then the call… the lockdown of all Newtown Schools. The panic… A shooter… my son at the HS. […]


We are all Newtown and as an Australian it is difficult for me to comprehend having to deal with this level of gun violence and I feel somewhat powerless to help; clearly more awareness of the devastating effect of gun violence is needed before any change can happen though.


We are all Newtown…I’ll say it again – great film. Do your soul a favor and watch it.


Thoughts and prayers with Newtown always….We are all Newtown.


We are all Newtown…I’m a grieving parent I lost my 7 year old 8 months before the shootings and when this happen my heart sunk for those parents. I knew they were going to go through hell…. I often think of the parents and I pray for them always.


I cannot begin to imagine the pain… my son is nearly six and I just want to cuddle him that little bit closer…. I only wish there was something I could do to ease your grief. We are all Newtown!